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BT to Remove One-in-five Phone Boxes in Scotland

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BT to Remove One-in-five Phone Boxes in Scotland

June 28, 2017 13:15


That the Parliament is concerned by the reported decision by BT to close 947 payphones across Scotland within the next three years, including 24 phone boxes in North Ayrshire; understands that this move will leave just 3,840 working phone boxes in Scotland and only 35 in North Ayrshire; considers that these phone boxes represent a lifeline for many people in Scotland, especially for those in rural communities with poor mobile phone coverage; understands that, while payphone usage has inevitably dropped in recent years due to the prevalence of smart phones, the closure of these phone boxes could potentially pose serious problems in the case of an emergency; encourages the continued promotion of BT’s Adopt a Kiosk scheme, which offers councils and charities the opportunity to adopt their local phone box for just £1 and transform it into an asset for the community as an alternative to removal, and notes the calls for BT to continue consulting with the people of Scotland to prevent the unnecessary withdrawal of payphones in the communities that need them most.