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Debate: City Deal and Regional Economic Partnership

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Debate: City Deal and Regional Economic Partnership

January 22, 2019 14:30


That the Parliament agrees that city region and regional growth deals are important catalysts in driving inclusive and sustainable economic growth across Scotland; notes that the UK Government has not yet made a formal commitment to discussing deals for Falkirk, Argyll and Bute and the Islands; calls on the UK Government to join with the Scottish Government in common purpose by agreeing a clear timetable to achieve 100% coverage of Scotland with growth deals; commends the Scottish Government’s committed level of investment to date of £1,584 million in city region deals and additional investment in city regions, and the significant investment committed by regional partners in Scotland; urges the UK Government to provide a further £388 million to match the Scottish Government’s investment commitment, and notes that all deals will provide a foundation for strong regional economic partnerships that will inspire collaboration to drive inclusive growth, enabling new jobs and wider economic opportunity.