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Debate: Health Education

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Debate: Health Education

April 03, 2019 15:50


That the Parliament recognises the importance of nutrition as part of an active healthy lifestyle; further recognises that nutrition plays a crucial role in tackling the rising cost of the preventable health agenda such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, many muscular skeletal conditions, chest, heart and stroke issues, poor mental health, poor oral hygiene and many more; considers that a key battleground will be in ensuring access to the highest quality local produce in early years settings, specifically in pre-school and primary and secondary schools, and that this is a significant way to tackle the stubborn attainment gap; believes that part of this approach should include teaching and learning about active health lifestyles, including the opportunity to apply that learning, and considers that this connected approach will give much-needed support to the rural economy.