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First Minister's Questions

Thursday 26 September 2019 11:00 AM


Jackson Carlaw S5F-03570
1. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Richard Leonard S5F-03571
2. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Alison Johnstone S5F-03572
3. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Emma Harper S5F-03587
4. To ask the First Minister, in light of recent deaths and respiratory illness attributed to vaping that has been reported in the US by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what the Scottish Government's position is on the sale and use of vaping products.

Graham Simpson S5F-03573
5. To ask the First Minister how the Scottish Government is helping councils to prepare for Brexit.

David Stewart S5F-03581
6. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s response is to a new study, which suggests that young people in the poorest parts of the country are three times more likely to die before their 25th birthday than those in the most affluent areas.

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