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Meeting of the Parliament

Thursday 13 January 2022 11:40 AM


General Questions Mercedes Villalba S6O-00616 1. To ask the Scottish Government what steps it is taking to improve the provision of GP services in the north east. Jenni Minto S6O-00617 2. To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to improve awareness of mental health. Neil Gray S6O-00618 3. To ask the Scottish Government what support and treatment is available for people diagnosed with phenylketonuria. Fulton MacGregor S6O-00619 4. To ask the Scottish Government what action it has taken to encourage people, who are able, to donate blood, particularly during the winter period and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Jamie Greene S6O-00620 5. To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the latest figures showing that recorded hate crimes against members of the LGBT+ community have risen for five years in a row. Rachael Hamilton S6O-00621 6. To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to support small rural businesses. Evelyn Tweed S6O-00622 7. To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to provide financial support and advice to people facing hardship and debt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs of living. Liam McArthur S6O-00623 8. To ask the Scottish Government when it last met NHS Orkney and what issues were discussed. Ariane Burgess S6O-00624 9. To ask the Scottish Government what it is doing to support small community businesses. David Torrance S6O-00625 10. To ask the Scottish Government what support it has provided to hospitality businesses to help mitigate the impact of Brexit. followed by First Minister's Questions Douglas Ross S6F-00635 1. Question to be taken in Chamber. Anas Sarwar S6F-00636 2. Question to be taken in Chamber. Oliver Mundell S6F-00639 3. To ask the First Minister what deadline the Scottish Government has set for making any further changes to this year's SQA examinations process. Kenneth Gibson S6F-00650 4. To ask the First Minister what steps the Scottish Government will take to urgently progress the green transition in North Ayrshire, following the closure of Hunterston B power station on 7 January. Brian Whittle S6F-00665 5. To ask the First Minister what data the Scottish Government has collected on the number of people diagnosed with cancer, and the stage at which they were diagnosed, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this compares with pre-pandemic data. Christine Grahame S6F-00662 6. To ask the First Minister what support the Scottish Government can provide to people struggling to pay their energy bills. followed by Members' Business — S6M-01840 Martin Whitfield: Championing the Right to Holistic Family Support That the Parliament notes the belief that all families across Scotland that need additional support should be able to get help when and where they need it; considers that article 18 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes the right of families to help and support; believes that delivering accessible holistic family support is central to Scotland’s commitment to Keep The Promise for children and families, and notes the finding from Change Programme ONE, that work in this area is underway, but not yet sufficient; notes the calls for a shift in public investment towards prevention; believes that many families were already struggling to access support services prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that vulnerable children, young people and families in Scotland have been the most affected by the impact of successive lockdowns; welcomes the commitment by the Scottish Government to deliver a Whole Family Wellbeing Fund of £500 million over the course of the current parliamentary session, and notes the calls for an urgent action plan to outline how the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund will be invested to implement the Family Support Delivery Group blueprint and route map, thereby making the right to whole family holistic support a practical and accessible reality for families, which would be consistently available across the country, including the South Scotland region.

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