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Meeting of the Parliament

Tuesday 14 June 2022 2:00 PM


Time for Reflection Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive, Scottish Bible Society followed by Topical Questions Meghan Gallacher S6T-00781 1. To ask the Scottish Government whether it will provide an update on its nursery recruitment targets. Willie Rennie S6T-00784 2. To ask the Scottish Government what immediate action it will take, in light of recent reports that nearly £2 million in Pupil Equity Funding has been spent on police officers in schools since 2018. followed by Ministerial Statement: Benefits of Independence followed by Ministerial Statement: Education Reform Update followed by Stage 3 Proceedings: Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill That the Parliament agrees that the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill be passed. followed by Decision Time followed by Members' Business: S6M-04117: Alasdair Allan: Supporting Great Bernera's Community Land Buyout That the Parliament recognises the work of the Great Bernera Community Development Trust towards a crofting community buyout and the development of the island; understands that, despite concentrated efforts on the Trust’s part to bring the crofting land’s sale to completion, a reported lack of cooperation by the island’s absentee landlord has delayed and halted necessary progress; is deeply concerned by reported recent demands for significant payments by the landlord from local crofters before he will give permission for various legitimate, and elsewhere payment-free, transactions to proceed; understands that, in recent years, the island’s school and local shop have both closed; further understands that part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 has not yet been successfully utilised, but considers Bernera to be an example of where that approach may well be required; notes the hope that all relevant agencies can continue to support the Great Bernera Community Development Trust in securing the buyout of the crofting land, and further notes the calls on the landlord to engage constructively and promptly with the local community going forward.

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