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Members' Business: 50 Years of the Institute of Occupational Medicine

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Members' Business: 50 Years of the Institute of Occupational Medicine

October 08, 2019 17:05


That the Parliament congratulates the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), a charity based in Edinburgh, on its 50th anniversary; notes that IOM was founded in Edinburgh as an independent research organisation in 1969 by the National Coal Board, primarily to complete groundbreaking research on lung disease in coal mine workers; further notes that IOM’s work has now progressed and broadened to understand and mitigate a range of occupational and environmental health risks, including from exposure to quartz and other dusts, asbestos, other fibrous materials, carbon nanotubes, ultraviolet radiation, air pollution and physical and psychological stress; believes that IOM’s research has been critical in leading to the understanding that coal mining not only caused the specific disease known as coal workers’ pneumoconiosis but also an increased risk of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD); understands that IOM has been a leading player in Europe in collaborative research related to the safety of nanomaterials and that SAFENANO, IOM’s Centre of Excellence, was one of the first recognised organisations developing the safe use of nanotechnology; considers that IOM has made an important contribution to policy nationally and internationally through developing, interpreting and assessing the scientific evidence on the health risks of these issues; believes that IOM’s research and other scientific work over the last 50 years has improved people’s health and safety at work, at home and in the environment, and thanks everyone who has been a part IOM over the last 50 years for their work to create a healthy and sustainable world through outstanding independent science.