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Members' Business: East Neuk First Responders

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Members' Business: East Neuk First Responders

February 08, 2018 12:45


That the Parliament commends the work of the charity, East Neuk First Responders, which provides care in life-threatening emergencies until an ambulance arrives; recognises the difference that early interventions can make in a medical emergency, such as CPR and defibrillation to the chances of survival from a heart attack and cardiac arrest; understands that East Neuk First Responders also provides first aid training, covers at events, runs a school lifesaver project and works in partnership with community councils to install public access defibrillators; considers that there are potential lifesavers in every community who could assist in the period it takes for the emergency services to arrive; notes the opportunities for partnerships to further utilise the expertise that exists, connecting and alerting volunteers who are qualified to provide critical care when they happen to be in the vicinity of a medical emergency, for example through the GoodSAM system, which can simultaneously dispatch the emergency services and local first aiders; recognises that, particularly in rural areas, the quick response and intervention of community first responders can save lives, and thanks the volunteers and staff at East Neuk First Responders and other initiatives that exist around the country.