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Members' Business: Highland Youth Survey

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Members' Business: Highland Youth Survey

January 16, 2019 17:15


That the Parliament notes the outcome of a survey by Highland and Islands Enterprise (HIE), which suggests that there has been an increase in the number of young people committed to staying in the Highlands; understands that almost all areas in the region report an increased proportion of young people expressing a commitment to staying, with over 54% expecting to be living in the Highlands in 10 years’ time; acknowledges that fewer school leavers are committed to leaving than in 2015, with that figure falling from 56% to 42%; welcomes the positive view that 70% of participants in the survey considered that those who stayed in the Highlands were lucky to be able to work or study locally; notes what it sees as the important part that young people play in supporting thriving communities; recognises the role of the Highland City Region Deal in delivering projects, such as the Northern Innovation Hub and Science Skills Academy, and commends the work of HIE and the University of the Highlands and Islands, including their role in developing and implementing the Developing the Young Workforce strategy, which it considers has contributed to these positive findings.