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Members' Business: NHS at 70

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Members' Business: NHS at 70

June 27, 2018 16:30


That the Parliament celebrates that 5 July 2018 will mark 70 years since the launch of the NHS; notes what it sees as the continuing importance of having a publicly-owned, funded and operated health service, which is universally available and free at the point of need; acknowledges the reports of gross inequalities in healthcare for the general population prior to its foundation, which was spearheaded by Aneurin Bevan; salutes the continuous hard work and contributions of NHS staff throughout the years; believes that this has made it possible for the NHS to provide an invaluable and life-changing service through care and treatment that has saved and improved the lives of millions of people across Scotland; notes the view that the the public, NHS boards, partners in health and social care and the voluntary sector, professional bodies and unions should take the opportunity to look back and celebrate 70 years of achievement of the NHS in Edinburgh and across Scotland and welcome the difference that it has made to people’s lives, and appreciates what it believes is the ongoing commitment to the founding principles of the NHS.