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Members' Business: Parkinson's in Scotland

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Members' Business: Parkinson's in Scotland

April 30, 2019 17:01


That the Parliament understands that Parkinson’s is the second most common neuroprogressive condition after Alzheimer’s; recognises that it has a profound impact on people with the condition, and their close friends and family; welcomes what it sees as a comprehensive new report from Parkinson’s UK, People. Parkinson's. Scotland. What do we know about services and support for people with Parkinson’s in Scotland?; notes with concern that it suggests that there are about 12,400 people in the country with the condition and that this is expected to increase by 40% within 20 years; acknowledges the view that the Scottish Government, NHS boards and health and social care partnerships must plan now to meet the care needs of the growing number of people with Parkinson's; accepts that it is a very complex condition with over 40 recognised symptoms, which can affect every aspect of daily living and can require ongoing support from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals; understands with concern that 10% of neurologist and medicine for older people consultant posts in Scotland is currently vacant and that waiting times are growing; believes that Scotland has fewer Parkinson’s nurses than it needs and that, in NHS Lothian, NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Highland and NHS Forth Valley, there are reportedly about half the number of required nurses; understands that around one in every five people with the condition has extremely high levels of care need; believes that it can be challenging for people with Parkinson’s to access the information, care and support that they need to maintain their independence and prevent emergency hospital and care home admissions; celebrates what it sees as the excellent work that is carried out by NHS and social care professionals across the country to provide better support for people with Parkinson’s and their carers, including as members of the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network, and applauds the efforts of Parkinson’s UK’s small team of staff and over 300 volunteers to support everyone in Scotland who is living with the condition.