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Members' Business: The Culture and Heritage Value of Agriculture

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Members' Business: The Culture and Heritage Value of Agriculture

June 27, 2018 13:15


That the Parliament notes the importance of the almost 200 agricultural shows that are held across the UK; understands that it is estimated that 10% of the population attends at least one of these events each year; notes that these include the Border Union Agricultural Show in Kelso, which has been held for over 200 years, the Berwickshire Show in Duns, and the Newcastleton, St Boswells and Yarrow shows; believes that these are important for showcasing the best of what the agricultural sector has to offer to people from outwith the farming community, driving up standards and preserving and protecting heritage; understands that many farmers can trace their ancestral links with their land that goes back centuries; believes that farmers are best placed to ensure that their land is productive and sustainable, yet understands that they need to be open to the fresh ideas of new entrants; notes what it sees as the importance of the physical heritage of farming, including farmhouses and steadings and the many ruins and derelict buildings, such as shepherd huts, which can be seen around the country; believes that these derelict sites can pose as monuments to the agricultural past but can also get new leases of life as rural housing, shops, B&Bs and other facilities; notes the contribution made by groups such as the Scottish Association of Young Farmers in preserving traditional customs and practices, organising social events and encouraging people to join or stay in agriculture, and wishes them all the best with this work.