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Members' Business: Unforgotten Forces Consortium

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Members' Business: Unforgotten Forces Consortium

June 18, 2019 19:00


That the Parliament recognises what it considers the great achievement of the Unforgotten Forces Consortium in being a prime example of an excellent collaborative project and bringing together 16 partners, led by Poppyscotland, from across the military and civilian sectors to provide advice, information and practical support to veterans aged 65 and over; understands that consortium members have provided 6,000 episodes of various types of support in its first 18 months; congratulates the consortium on winning an award at the Soldering On Awards, and notes the calls on both the UK and Scottish governments to work with the consortium to review future funding options so that it can continue this innovative model of providing new and enhanced services beyond its current funding term and support older veterans in the West Scotland region and across Scotland who have served their country with great distinction.