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Public Petitions Committee

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Public Petitions Committee

January 13, 2021 09:00


1. Consideration of new petitions: The Committee will consider the following new petitions—
PE1838: Regulation of non-statutory child advocacy services; PE1842: Regulate the professional dog walking industry; PE1843: Review the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland; PE1844: Introduce an external regulatory complaints body for NHS boards; PE1845: Agency to advocate for the healthcare needs of rural Scotland; PE1846: Upgrade the A82; PE1847: Raise the age of criminal responsibility; PE1848: Allow snooker and pool venues to open in more tiers; and PE1849: Independent review of non-forensic detentions within high and medium secure psychiatric hospitals.

2. Consideration of continued petitions: The Committee will consider the following continued petitions—
PE1610: Upgrade the A75 and PE1657: A77 upgrade; PE1627: Consent for mental health treatment for people under 18 years of age; PE1756: Review current housing legislation to protect people experiencing domestic or elder abuse; PE1782: Full consultation on stocking of salmon rivers; PE1783: Public Awareness and funding for childhood cancers with low survival rates; PE1795: Funding for Spòrs Gàidhlig; PE1801: Retain powers of economic and industrial intervention; PE1812: Protect Scotland's remaining ancient, native and semi-native woodlands and woodland floors; and PE1823: Full body scans to all neonates in Scotland.