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Public Petitions Committee

Thursday 15 March 2018 9:30 AM


1. Consideration of a new petition: The Committee will consider PE1683by Jennifer Edmonstone on Support for families with multiple births and will take evidence from— Jennifer Edmonstone, Helen Peck, Scottish Coordinator, Twins and Multiple Births Association. 2. Consideration of continued petitions: The Committee will consider the following continued petitions— PE1408 by Andrea MacArthur on Updating of Pernicious Anaemia-VitaminB12 Deficiency understanding & treatment; PE1545 by Ann Maxwell on behalf of Muir Maxwell Trust on Residential care provision for the severely learning disabled; PE1596 by Paul Anderson, James McDermott, Chris Daly on In Care Survivors Service Scotland; PE1603 by Mairi Campbell-Jack and Douglas Beattie on behalf of Quaker in Scotland & Forces Watch on Ensuring greater scrutiny, guidance and consultation on armed forces visits to schools in Scotland; PE1616 by John S Shaw on Parking Legislation; PE1631 by Maureen McVey on Child Welfare Hearings; PE1646 by Caroline Hayes on Drinking water supplies in Scotland; PE1668 by Anne Glennie on Improving literacy standards in schools through research-informed reading instruction; PE1670 by James Cassidy on Reform the Scottish electoral system to make it democratic and accountable; and PE1671 by Lisa Harvey and Andrea Goddard on behalf of Let's Get MAD For Wildlife on Sale and use of glue traps. 3. Work programme (in private): The Committee will consider its work programme.

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