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Public Petitions Committee

Today's Schedule

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Public Petitions Committee

March 29, 2018 10:00


1. Consideration of new petitions: The Committee will consider the following petitions—
PE1680 by Angela Flanagan on Private Water Supplies in Scotland PE1685 by Jim Nisbet on Log burner stoves in Smoke Control Areas.

2. Consideration of continued petitions: The Committee will consider the following continued petitions—
PE1480 by Amanda Kopel on behalf of The Frank Kopel Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign on Alzheimer's and dementia awareness / PE1533 by Jeff Adamson on behalf of Scotland Against the Care Tax on Abolition of non-residential social care charges for older and disabled people; PE1577 by Rachael Wallace on Adult Cerebral Palsy Services; PE1591 by Catriona MacDonald on behalf of SOS-NHS on Major redesign of healthcare services in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross; PE1610 by Matt Halliday on Upgrade the A75 / PE1657 by Donald McHarrie on behalf of A77 Action Group on A77 upgrade; and PE1627 by Annette McKenzie on Consent for mental health treatment for people under 18 years of age.