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Public Petitions Committee

Today's Schedule

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Public Petitions Committee

November 21, 2019 09:17


1. Consideration of continued petitions: The Committee will consider the following continued petitions—
PE1674 on Managing the Cat Population in Scotland and will take evidence from Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Andrew Voas, Veterinary Head of Animal Welfare and Hugh Dignon, Head of Wildlife and Biodiversity Unit, Scottish Government; PE1595 on Moratorium on shared space schemes; PE1667 on Review of mental health and incapacity legislation; PE1701 on Change the law to allow adoption for people over the age of 18; PE1706 on Introduce a law to allow pets in rented and supported accommodation; PE1716 on Full review of mental health service provision across the NHS in Scotland; PE1718 on Body cameras for the NHS; and PE1719 on Review of fire safety stay-put policy.

2. Consideration of new petitions: The Committee will consider the following new petitions—
PE1756 on Review housing legislation to protect people experiencing domestic or elder abuse; PE1757 on Reduce actuarial reductions to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme; PE1758 on End greyhound racing in Scotland; PE1759 on Equal school hours for all children in Scotland; and PE1761 on New Housing Regulations.

Proposed future business

For further information, contact the clerk to the Committee, Lynn Russell, on 0131 348 5254 or [email protected]