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Justice Committee

Today's Schedule

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Justice Committee

November 26, 2019 11:00


1. Children (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will receive a briefing from—
Simon Stockwell, Head of Family Law Unit, Iain Fitheridge, Head of Children’s Hearings Team, Hannah Frodsham, Family Law Unit, Shona Spence, Looked after Children Team, Margaret Main, Scottish Government Legal Directorate, Jamie Bowman, Scottish Government Legal Directorate, and Victoria Morton, Scottish Government Legal Directorate, Scottish Government.

2. Justice Sub-Committee on Policing: The Committee will consider a report back from the Sub-Committee meeting held on 21 November 2019.

3. Children (Scotland) Bill (in private): The Committee will consider its approach to Stage 1 scrutiny.

4. Scottish Biometrics Commissioner Bill (in private): The Committee will consider a draft Stage 1 report.

Proposed future business

For further information, contact Stephen Imrie, Clerk to the Committee on 0131 348 5195 or by email [email protected]