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Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee

Today's Schedule

  • There are no public meetings scheduled at present

Scheduled times are subject to change

Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee

November 27, 2019 10:00


1. Agriculture (Retained EU Law and Data) (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will take evidence on the Bill at Stage 1 from—
Maureen Falconer, Regional Manager – Scotland, the Information Commissioner’s Office;
Steven Thomson, Senior Agricultural Economist and Policy Advisor, Scotland's Rural College;
Professor Julie Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Moredun Foundation and Scientific Director, Moredun Research Institute;
Ellen Wilson, Chair, Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum.

2. Public petitions: The Committee will consider the following petition—
PE01715 by Mark Carter on behalf of Marine Concern, on Closed-Containment for Salmon Farms in Scotland.

3. Agriculture (Retained EU Law and Data) (Scotland) Bill (in private): The Committee will review the evidence heard at today's meeting.

Proposed future business
At its next meeting, on 4 December, the Committee expects to take evidence on the Agriculture (EU Retained Data and Law) (Scotland) Bill. For further information, contact the Clerk to the Committee at [email protected]